Preserved Wedding Bouquets

We can preserve your wedding bouquet for you three-dimensionally so you can enjoy it for years to come. We have been preserving wedding bouquets for over 30 years.

To ensure your bouquet reaches us in the best condition, do not throw your bouquet as this bruises the flowers. In the case of a hand-tied bouquet the flowers will need to be put back into water. To do this cut a small piece off each stem and place into water as soon after the wedding ceremony as possible. If your bouquet is wired or in a holder place in a fridge or cool place.

Please bring your bouquet into the shop the next working day after your wedding. Your bouquet will be preserved immediately, each flower will be preserved individually. Please pre-book your bouquet in. A £150.00 deposit is payable when the flowers are brought to the shop.This deposit is non refundable, where cancellation is made once work has begun on you flowers.Full payment must be made at the time of your frame choice. The price of drying and framing your wedding bouquet starts from £260.00.

Once the flowers are preserved approximately after six weeks, we will call or email you to arrange for you to come into the shop to view the now preserved flowers and to choose your frame. We will always do our upmost to preserve your flowers to the highest standard possible. We do not take responsibility for any poor results due to age, condition, variety and colour of your flowers, which you will be able to see once the flowers are preserved. Due to the drying process, it will mean that the colour will change and the surface become matte. 

There will be a degree of artistic interpretation to our work which we reserve the right to make. This may mean that not every flower is included in your display. In certain circumstances and on certain types of flowers it may be necessary to artificially enhance the colour of the flowers; this decision is at the discretion of our artist unless otherwise instructed by you when you confirm your display requirements with us.

The frame must be chosen within one month of us contacting you and collected within one month once completed. Our range of handmade frames have been carefully selected for the display of preserved flowers with a wide choice. It is not possible for you to provide your own frame. On the rare occasion that your chosen frame moulding becomes discontinued we will discuss this with you before proceeding with an alternative.

Once your frame is completed, we will not refund money to you if you are dissatisfied with the colour or texture of your flowers, which is a normal result of flower preservation. This should be fully understood before proceeding with the order. At this stage you would be able to change your mind about having your flowers framed and would be able to take them away with you and placed into your own frame or box.

In the event that you wish to replace any of your flowers, we are more than happy to purchase these on your behalf for, which an additional charge will be added.

The complete process for preserving your flowers should take approximately 12-16 weeks from start to finish depending upon the time of year. 

Your preserved flowers are perishable over time.